The Bishop Estate Trustees

Below is a listing of Bishop Estate Trustee editorial cartoons by Honolulu Weekly editorial cartoonist John S. Pritchett. Click on the title to see the cartoons and commentary. For some background on Hawaii's infamous Bishop Estate Trustees, READ THE ESSAY by John Pritchett.

1.King Henry
2.Trustee Waihee?
3.Cream of the Machine
4.Pigs in Sheep's Clothing
5.The All Powerful Trustees
6.Milton Holt
7.Lokelani Micromanage
8.Above it All
9.Sheriff Dan
10.A Monument to Greed
11.Re-arranging the Deck Chairs
12.The Jervis Jive
13.Album Cover
14.Expensive Hood Ornament
15.Dickie Wong
16.Trustees Removed!