Gerard Jervis is the most recently appointed Bishop Estate Trustee, a close personal friend of former governor, John Waihee. It had always been Waihee's plan to slide into a cushy trustee position following his eight-year stint as governor, like so many other Hawaii Democrat politicians had done before. But, by this time the incestuous relationship between the estate and the government had become too transparent. The Hawaii Supreme Court appoints the trustees and Waihee, during his tenure, had appointed all five justices. Since he couldn't become a trustee, Waihee offered his good buddy Gerard as a candidate. True to form, the Supreme Court did appoint Jervis.

    Jervis fit in well as a trustee and strongly fended off mounting criticism of the board. But when it became obvious that some of the trustees might really be in hot water, he began doing a different dance. He teamed up with trustee Oz Stender and together they sued in court to remove trustee Lokelani Lindsey. As that trial was near its end, Jervis, who is married, was caught having sex with a Bishop Estate employee in a public mens' room at the Hawaiian Prince Hotel, the next day, knowing that the story would go public, the employee, Rene Ojiri Kitaoka, a married woman, committed suicide. About a week later, Jervis was rushed to the hospital after taking a large dose of sleeping pills in his own apparent suicide attempt. Honolulu Weekly cartoon 11/12/1997

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