Bill and Hillary Clinton editorial cartoons. Click on the titles below to view the cartoon.
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    2012 Bubba at the bat
    '96 Election Eve Dreams
    Clinton Pardons
    Trailer Park Bill
    Presidential Lies
    Clinton and the military
    Clinton Speaks
    Bubba to the Rescue in 2002
    It's not easy removing a president
    Wag the dog
    Bill's Christmas Present
    National Organization for Women
    Clinton Acquitted!
    Swept Under the Rug
    Seminal Event of the 1990s
    Clinton in Kosovo
    Tax Cuts
    Gore's Attack Dog

    The Smell Test
    The Dream Team
    Hillary's Amazing Stories
    Crying Hillary
    Hillary's Attack Dog
    Hillary Plays Poker with Obama
    The Hillary Show
    Hillary takes questions from plants
    Hillary the Vampire
    Hillary the Witch
    Hillary, The Perfect Storm
    It Takes a Village (of the Damned)
    Hillary the Psychiatrist

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