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      Listed below, by title, are national, international and municipal cartoons, plus editorial cartoons about the media, healthcare, technology and more. Click on the title to view the image. All images are copyright John Pritchett.


   Jack Smith, Trump Prosecutor.
   Joe Biden Laughs.
   Ron DeSantis fights Mouse.
   Biden: Inflation up an inch.
   Got Trump This Time!!
   FBI Weaponized!
   Biden Administration Dumpster Fire
   Protestors spread COVID-19
   Impeachment exploding cigar
   Democrat Impeachment Backfires
   Mueller Report Nothing Burger
   Mueller Clown Show
   The Blue Wave
   Dems react to Kavanaugh
   Got Bolton? John Bolton
   Democrats dig deeper hole
   FBI A Can of Worms
   Democratic Donkey Beat up
   The Trump Card
   The Dream Team
   The Lesser of Two Weevils
   Lame Duck Dynasty
   Democrats Run from ObamaCare
   Fearful Republicans
   NSA Data Mining
   Occupy Wall Street Clowns
   Rough Seas for U.S. Credit Rating
   Blue Dog Democrats
   The Youth Vote
   RINO - Republican In Name Only
   Year of the Tiger - 2010
   G.O.P. Elephant Beat Up
   Santa seeks government bailout.
   Political Sign Waving
   Partisan Fighting
   Out of the Box, Sarah Palin
   The Superdelegates
   Democrat Primary Chaos
   Hillary's Amazing Stories
   Hillary Clinton's Planted Questions
   Earmarks - Pork Politics
   The Left vs. The Far Left
   Lock 'n' Load High School
   The National Security Gym Workout
   It's Bush's Fault
   Media Crucifies George Bush
   Multilingual Political Correctness
   F.E.M.A. to the Rescue
   An Ax to Grind
   The Non-Partisan Committee
   Party Animals
   Please don't feed the animals
   Moore Bull
   Michael Moore
   John Walker Lindh, American Taliban
   Democrat Christmas Card
   Dems look for other forms of revenue
   Hamlet the Donkey on Taxes
   Democrats on Tax Rebate
   Go Ahead, Raise Our Taxes!
   U.S. Energy Consumption
   Sky-High Gas Prices
   Petroleum for the Proletariat
   U.S. Postal Service
   Terrorists Attack America
   The 9-11 Commission
   Gray Davis Terminated
   Where the Government Shops
   George W. Bush on Highwire
   Elephant in the Room
   Dem's Diner
   Vote Nader (Ralph Nader)
   Al Gore and his Baggage
   Election Year Traffic Woes
   Janet Reno, Waco, Texas
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   ...and Hillary


   UN follows fate of League of Nations
   UN Swamp
   Chinese Spy Balloon
   China Threatens Taiwan
   Islamic Radicalization Machine
   Vladimir Putin Invades Ukraine
   Hugo Chavez Gives Obama a Book
   Pakistan President Pervez Mushaaraf
   Made in China
   Britain's Queen Elizabeth Visits U.S.
   Iran's Ahmadinejad Weds Hitler
   Iran President Ahmadinejad Puppeteer
   Politically Correct Muhammad Image
   Aruba cover-up of Holloway affair
   UN Iraq Headquarters Bombed!
   HAMAS - The Road Map to Peace
   The Search for bin Laden
   Osama bin Laden Left Out
   North Korea with Nukes
   In Harm's Way
   United Nations, Saddam Card Game
   Saddam Welcomes U.N. Inspectors
   Weapons of Mass Destruction
   China Blasts Bush
   The Planet of Lost Things
   Mr. Magoo, NATO Bomber
   Saddam's Deals
   Castles Made of Saddam
   Hong Kong Cartoonist
   Taiwan and China

   Water Main Breaks
   Political Yard Signs
   City Planning
   The Big Lie
   Gambling and Prostitution Money
   City Complaint Dept.
   City Complaint Dept. II

   New Year's Resolution
   Drinking and Driving - Bad Mix
   Affordable Rental Housing
   Self Storage Gone Wild
   Buy Now! Self Storage Now!
   Voter Apathy Clown
   Social Gathering
   Same Sex Marriage
   Porn in the Library

   The Job Market
   Graduates Face Jobs Void
   Postman at Election Time
   Men Working
   Acme Silk Purse Co.

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   Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
   Digital Millennium Copyright Act
   The Lawyer's Club
   A Flock of Lawyers


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   Global Warming Unraveling
   Fake Farm Estates
   Congress Investigates WESPAC
   Coqui Frogs
   Rooster Wake-Up Call
   Navy Active Sonar
   Albatross Chick, Plastic Again!
   Plastic Debris Painting

   Planet Academia
   Reading, Writing and Melting
   Early Education
   Driver Education

   GMO Gardener
   Kona Coffee
   Kauai Farmers Oppressed
   Leaf Blowers From Hell
   Phil and Rhoda Dendron
   Pulling the Last Weed
   Office Plant Killer


   The one with the Tattoo
   The Ice Age
   Prison Pornography Ban


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