Pritchett Cartoons

Editorial cartoons about Hawaii politics and about issues and events that shape the nation and the world, by political cartoonist, illustrator John Pritchett. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. Titles highlighted in blue indicates an award-winning cartoon. For details on usage, purchasing original art or commissions, Email Pritchett

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    3 Year of the Snake
  10 Candidates Lingle and Harris can't wait to move in
  17 A record number of Republicans in the state House
  24 Governor Ben Cayetano, "A Chicken in Every Pot"
  31 Legislators chasing their tail over legalized gambling

    7 Waikiki Natatorium and Health Department's Bruce Anderson
  14 First Amendment hit by Democrat Truck
  21 Honolulu City Council is rubber stamp for Mayor Harris
  28 Teachers strike looms over Governor Cayetano

MARCH 2001
    7 The Jeremy Harris Juggernaut
  14 In a Bear Market
  21 Hawaii Democrats stained by corruption
  28 Education...None

APRIL 2001
    4 Ethics Training Class for Honolulu City Council
  11 President Bush blasted by China over spy plane incident
  18 Candidates for governor join teachers strike picket line
  25 City blocks free speech at Asian Development Bank meeting

MAY 2001
    2 Hawaii state budget bigger than economic growth
    9 Navy active sonar effects on marine life
  16 Candidate for Governor Mazie Hirono lost Wonderland
  23 Disney Pearl Harbor Movie Super Hype Bomb
  30 Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris shackles the future with debt

JUNE 2001
    6 Governor Cayetano and the Gambling Lobby
  13 Asylum for Hawaii Toursim Executives
  20 Jeremy Harris Glamour Projects but no Handicap Ramps
  27 Locally Owned Businesses Endangered Species

JULY 2001
    4 Fake Rocks, Fake Waterfalls, Fake Mayor
  11 Andy Mirikitani Guilty, Harris and Mansho react.
  18 Hawaii gas prices stay high when mainland prices fall
  25 Teachers Union and state negoations, Mad Hatter Tea Party

    1 Senator Les Ihara Punished for Independent Thinking
    8 Bogus TV Surf Report
  15 Evan Dobelle and Jeremy Harris are the Vision Duo
  22 HMSA with big surplus shakes down members
  29 Welcome to Koa Ridge and Urban Sprawl

    5 City Councilman Jon Yoshimura Comes Clean
  12 Terrorist Attack America!
  19 Uncle Sam takes a One-Two Punch from Terrorist Attack
  26 Hawaii Toursim Suffers after NY Terror Attack

    3 Boxcutter Terrorist Weapon
  10 Huge State Budget passed on Faulty Growth Projections
  17 Americans Spooked by Terrorism, Anthrax, Job Layoffs
  24 Hawaii State Legislature is Dudley Doright
  31 Bill to give Governor Cayetano more power is a Turkey

    7 Return of the Living Dead, Andy Anderson runs for Governor
  14 Candidate Mazie Hirono, Dogcatcher
  21 The Search for Osama bin Laden
  28 Campaign Spending Director Bob Watada Investigates Harris

    5 Traffic Ticket Cameras are Cashcow for Government
  12 Time Running Out for Yasser Arafat
  19 The American Taliban, John Walker gets Counceling
  26 Proposed Merger of Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines