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I  L  L  U  S  T  R  A  T  I  O  N
Black and white illustrations, pen and ink illustrations, line drawings by John Pritchett
Images are listed below by title. Click on the title to see the image. Or, use the Search.
The artwork is available for publication, printing and for use on the World Wide Web.
For details on usage, commissions, or to purchase original artwork, Email Pritchett

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      The Lawyer's Club
      Retirement Saving
      The Future of Investing
      Navigating the IRA Maze
      Nest Egg, Sit Tight
      Background Checks
      Big Bets, Big Losers

      Writing for the Environment
      Navy Active Sonar
      Forest Conservation
      Ieie, Native Hawaiian Plant
      Hawaiian Koa
      Water Commission
      Plastic Ocean Pollution
      Pesticide Drift
      Fiddling Officials
      Genetic Engineering
      Global Warming
      Your World on CO2
      Leatherback Turtle
      Natural Area Reserves
      Hawaii Endangered Plants
      Swimming in a Sewer
      The Fried Chicken Effect

      Let the Sunshine in
      Pelosi Raptor
      Eye on Politics
      U.S. Capitol
      Hawaii Democrat Machine 1990

      Social Gathering
      A Sea of Newsprint
      Skeletons in the Closet
      Education Crossroads
      Biting the hand that feeds you
      Stop Wal-Mart
      Driver's Education
      Something Stinks
      Media Shifts Across Millennia
      Workplace Surveillance
      Porn in the Library
      Prison Pornography Ban
      The Woods
      Sacred Cow
      Pedestrian Safety
      Dangerous Crosswalks
      Women's Issues
      Sex and Matriarchy
      Kaaawa Mountains
      Old Pearl Harbor
      Castles Made of Saddam
      Snowman in Hell
      A Bad Idea
      Broken Egg
      A Can of Worms
      On the Wrong Track
      Doors to Hell