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Pritchett's Pen - Cartoon Archive

Political cartoons by John Pritchett for Hawaii Reporter. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. For details on usage, purchasing original art or commissions, Email Pritchett
2010 | 2011 | 2013

    6 Ben Cayetano casts a long shadow.
  13 Mayan Calendar Translated
  20 Ben is In! Cayetano for Honolulu Mayor
  27 Honolulu Rail Transit Cattle Car

    3 Disrespecting a Legislator
  10 The Future of Rail, Mysterious Island
  17 Attack of the Plastic Bags!
  24 ...Rail is the Only Option

MARCH 2012
    2 The blind leading the blind
    9 State-run Lemonade Stand
  16 Lousy Practices of Public Manipulation
  23 Honolulu Rail Transit Coloring Book
  30 Hawaii State Bank, A Harebrained Idea

APRIL 2012
    6 Obama and Courts Fight Like Cats and Dogs
  20 Pro-rail group reeks of "Thumbs up Hawaii"
  27 Victoria's Secret Service

MAY 2012
    4 Obama Milks Osama Bin Laden's Death
  11 Pro-Rail Smear Cayetano Campaign
  18 Facebook Tower in the Clouds
  25 Hawaii Democrat Convention, Hawaii is Obama Country

JUNE 2012
    1 Fire Chief and Union Boss go up in flames!
    8 Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit $450 million credit card
  15 Obama is Whiner-in-Chief
  22 HART's Plan B for Ansaldo Rail Cars
  29 Coming Soon, Broccoli Mandate

JULY 2012
    6 Chief Justice John Roberts' Pretzel Logic
  13 PRP Pro-Rail Poop
  20 A message in a bottle bill
  27 Meanie Mazie

    3 Earth Wind and Fire - Kahuku Wind Farm
  10 The hottest ticket in town, Ben to win!
  17 How low can you go Obama?
  24 Bubba at the bat
  31 Caldwell takes a hit

    7 Obama's Indoor Speech
  14 Lazy Mazie misses Congressional vote.
  21 Rail's Daniel Grabauskas paints himself into a corner
  28 UH President MRC Greenwood is the petulant Red Queen

    5 September Jobs Report Magic
  12 Joe Biden - The gift that keeps on giving
  29 Star Malarkey

    2 Honolulu Rail Czar Bonked by Fed Ruling
    9 Hawaii Office of Elections - Lights on but nobody's home.
  16 Obama Claus - Barack Obama is Santa Claus
  23 Honolulu Rail Transit Meets The Fiscal Cliff
  29 Obama Jam - Stay off the road, Obama's coming

    5 Fiscal briar patch, tax hikes, defense cuts home to Obama
  18 Obama offers Republicans compromise trap
  27 The Wrath of Dan Inouye

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