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A collection of wacky, whimsical cartoons, zany, off-the-wall cartoon satire, Flash movies and animations by John Pritchett. Click on the titles below to view. For details on usage or to purchase original artwork: Email Pritchett.

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See Dog Cartoons

Bikers at the Bar
Serious Inquiries Only
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Talk Balloon Man
Humiliated Turkey
Summer Camp
Hawaiian Vacation
Tree Conspiricy
Turkey Planet
Escape Goat
Fruit Fly General
Lawyers Club
Computer Virus
Porn in the Library
The Universe
Three Blind Men
Gecko Dreams
Pictures from Mars
A Fireworks Band
Before & After Fireworks Ban
Hawaiian Shaka Sign
Dining with Bears

Give a Rat's Ass
Disappointed Tomb Raiders
Zeek 'n' Earl
Secretarian Violence
Garden Party
Fish Burps
A Ban on Shark Tours
Tastes like Chicken
Shark Mom
Jerry Maguire Shark
Noah and the Arc
The Hand of God
A No-Brainer
Complete Overhaul
Low Flush Toilet
The Losers' Club
Irish Drinking Songs
Moth Attraction
Aloha Spirit Travel
Does a bear shit in the woods?
Planet of Lost Things
Think Positive
Plant Killer Arrested
Democrat Christmas Carol
Santa Health Checkup
Glory of Christmas Lights
A Christmas Idea
Home Page for the Holidays
Diva Santa (Sexy Santa)
Santa, Ripped Off
Ho, Ho, Ho!
Meet the Staff (GIF Animation)
Dangers of Human Cloning (Flash)

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