As seen in Honolulu Weekly 3-13-02 | © John Pritchett


Former judge and state Senator Russell Blair filed suit to enforce an amendment to the state Constitution that requires those in public office to resign before running for another office with an overlapping term. On March 11, 2002, Circuit Court Judge Sabrina McKenna ruled in Blair's favor, stating that Jeremy should have resigned almost a year ago when he filed his gubernatorial Organizational report on May 15, 2001, just 98 days after being re-elected to a second term as mayor. Judge McKenna did not order Jeremy to resign immediately, pending a Harris appeal to the state Supreme Court to overturn the ruling.

Russell Blair has made it known that he never would have filed the suit had Jeremy not been so blantant in using one public office to gain another. On May 7, 2002, The Hawaii Supreme Court chose political expedience over the state Constitution, overturning Judge McKenna's ruling. See the Color version, with a song. | Next Page | Previous Page | Table of Contents | Part II |

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